Winterworld #6 Review

Winterwold expands more with danger around every corner. Will our hero’s Scully and Wynn survive long enough to find peace? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

Snowblind! Scully is sightless and must rely on Wynn to survive in a world that seeks to kill them at every turn. Their stolen vehicle is carjacked in turn by even more dangerous lowlifes. And their oldest enemy, Skitters, has stalked them across two frozen oceans and two icy continents and is now within striking distance. It’s a cruel world populated by crueler people where each day, each moment, might be your last.

Winterworld05-pr-3-4ce45Wynn and Scully are pretty interesting as characters because they have such a dynamic of being totally different but being brought together by these circumstances. This issue brings forth that idea while bringing a part of their past to the forth front to show this relationship even more. We get a look at what this new world has done to people, especially after being car jacked. My biggest problem with this issue is that there isn’t enough action. I do believe that this issue is setting up for a battle but I needed a little more taste to get me more into this issue. It is really my only problem with this issue.

Chuck Dixon is a good writer when it comes to the characterization but action isn’t something that works for him. In past issues we have had this problem. Even though this is a problem, the characters and the world are very cool.

Tomás Giorello is a fantastic artist and this issue brings that idea to the forth front. He brings us some great look worlds and some interesting panels that make it worth looking at just for the art.

Winter World #6 is not action packed but still has a pretty interesting story.

  • + The world is pretty neat
  • + Character dynamics are pretty cool
  • + A blast from the past is pretty cool
  • - Not very much action

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