Velvet #9 Review

Has the wait between issues been worth it? Or should you just drop this series altogether? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Velvet walks a deadly path into the past for answers, as her story takes its darkest turn yet!

Velvet09_Page1It’s been a few months since the last instalment of Velvet, but finally our favourite female spy returns. Continuing to explore the shady past of the Agency, this issue sees Velvet interrogate former head of intel, Damian Lake, who she believes has more information regarding her former husband, Richard Donovan (codename Mockingbird). This eventually leads our spy on a journey through Europe, hoping to squeeze more out of Lake on the way.

Ed Brubaker may have left us waiting a while between issues, but that doesn’t mean that he disappoints. Delivering a narrative that compliments the spy genre perfectly, Brubaker quickly reminds us why Velvet is a must read, with the sharp dialogue only emphasising this. The mysterious elements on display also intrigue, as though there are some revelations within this chapter, it is outweighed by the added tension. Despite all this, the lack of energy was a little disappointing, as though I loved seeing a more espionage focused entry, I’ve come to enjoy the energy that is usually on display.

Steve Epting‘s artwork is a thing of sheer beauty. The detail of his pencils, along with the sharpness of his inks most certainly proves eye catching, with his dynamic layout being as intense as ever. He also gives a powerful sense of focus within Velvet, with her emotional facial expressions showing just how desperate she is to unravel the Agency’s secrets. Colourist Elizabeth Breitweiser also delivers captivating work, with her sleek palette allowing for a wonderful finish.

Velvet #9 may not be the most exciting entry in this extraordinary series, but it still proves a worthy read. Between the narrative and mystery, the issue compliments the spy genre nicely, leaving some intriguing developments to ponder over. It’s this, along with the wonderful art that once again makes Velvet a worthwhile addition to anyone’s pull.

  • + A narrative that compliments the spy genre perfectly.
  • + Jaw droppingly awesome art from Seven Epting.
  • + Wonderful dialogue and emotion.
  • - Not as exciting as usual.

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