The Superannuated Man #5 Review

With only one more issue to go, The Superannuated Man #5 puts readers at an interesting position. Normally with a mini-seriesthis small, it’s easy to see what the general plan is and where the comic is going. But this? This is exciting, unique and much harder to solve.

The official description from Image:

One of the last remaining humans, HE, after returning from the brink of extinction, now intends to repay the evolved mutations that caused the annihilation of humanity, with a severity that borders on the atomic.

The Superannuated Man 5_pageThis issue, in many ways, reflects a lot of the thought and care that creator Ted McKeever has put into his work. This issue is more or less just pure exposition – at first, you may wonder why this wasn’t done sooner, but it’s only at this point we have the right level of investment in the respective setting. The timing is perfect and servers as a good build-up to the next issue.

Of course, it’s still complete with McKeever’s unique sense of writing. The whole issue readers like a dry, yet humorous, commentary on life, full of irony and subtle humour within an outlandish setting. The flashbacks here are also welcome – partially because McKeever does so little of them throughout the series – although the transitions might not be that clear for people not looking for them.

When it comes to the visuals, The Superannuated Man #5 once again demonstrates the power of a one-man machine. McKeevers quirky, abstract writing and setting go hand in hand with the angular pencil work. The stark contrasting shadows and lines ensure any page is never dull, even without the use of color. McKeever’s designs add to this, with each new character having an appeal of their own. It might not please everyone but it plays to the strenghts of the script.

All in all, this is a fantastic issue for the series. While it might serve as a bridging issue in the long run, it’s still very easy to enjoy it for what it is; a well thought-out comic that explores its own setting just enough to satisfy the reader’s thirst.

  • + Quirky and unique
  • + Fantastic, striking visuals
  • + Explores the backstory
  • - Only one more issue to go

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