Sundowners #6 Review

What happens when our heroes face the Illuninatrix, will they survive or will they be deader than Nancy in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Interdimensional invasion or epic freak-out? The Sundowners confront the Illuminatrix, as Dr. Shrejic dons a mask of his own. The madness-inducing, action-packed conclusion to the first arc, as cosmic horror meets real superheroics!

sundown6p2This has been a very interesting concept for a comic book and really does some great stuff with, both, real and “fake” reality. It is really hard to distinguish between the two. In this issue, the Sundowners are taken to a church for some group therapy but they find that a villain is trying to take over humanity but they are the only ones that can see them. We get some interesting moments between the characters trying to defeat this evil, as well as, revealing little tidbits of their past. All the characters are interesting but this issue, Dr. Shrejic, really caught my attention. Up to this point, the doctor has thought that these people were delusional but towards the end he starts to see what everyone has been seeing so it makes you really wonder what is real and what is fake. Is the doctor hallucinating or is he finally seeing the truth? Either way, this is a high recommend.

Tim Seeley continues to be a pioneer into the world of comic book writing. His stories are fun, interesting, and have some great feels within them. This issue really shines in all those departments. I couldn’t put it down and was excited to read every page. This is a must read series and a must read.

Jim Terry is a fun a artist. The witty dialogue is given life with panels in this comic book. It is fantastic.

Sundowners #6 is a fantastic addition and a must read.

  • + Fun, witty, and exciting
  • + Fantastic visuals
  • + Wonderful story
  • + Seely and Terry are amazing together

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