Sundowners #2 Review

Can Sundowners capitalize on it’s successful opening issue? Or is it a premise that’s only got one issues worth? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

The Sundowners Syndrome support group is on the hunt for their kidnapped friend, but they’re not the only ones, as the enigmatic Mr. Outsider joins the chase. Meanwhile, the Concerned Citizen reaches out to the press to shine some light on a shadowy conspiracy, but discovers that the real story may be him.

Sundowners #2 previewSundowners proved to be the kind of weird, psychological superhero comic that fans need, taking the most popular genre in the medium and producing something unique with it. Moving into it’s second issue, Sundowners continues to be a very gripping, and mysterious tale, following on from last weeks issue brilliantly. It does however lack the same level of interest as the first issue, with the concept feeling a little less mysterious.

Tim Seeley creates yet another great script for this series, as though it may not have enticed as much as the first, it was in no way mediocre. Delving further into the Sundowner Syndrome itself, Seeley gives us a very psychological focused issue, with the narration and dialogue reflecting this. He also goes on to show more of the doctor patient relationship between Dr. Shrejic and the Sundowners, with Shrejic’s frustration allowing some of his personal feeling to slip through. Despite all this, it’s the final sequence that really captivated me, with the thrilling ending having me hooked for the next issue.

Jim Terry continues to handle the art on Sundowners, with Seeley’s Jack Kraken creative partner doing a fantastic job throughout. Working off the great character design that he showcased in the opening issue, Terry manages to build on the personality of these characters, with the character emotion and positioning reflecting Seeley’s script. The flow of the art itself also continues to be very fluid, having a very exciting flair. Sean Dove‘s colours also continue to appeal, with the mixture of dark and vivid colours allowing for an intense finish.

Sundowners continues to give an unique twist to the superhero genre, as though the issue isn’t quite as interesting as the first, the final page will leave you begging for more. Highly recommended.

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