Rot & Ruin #5 Review

Benny isn’t going down without a fight, especially from a group that wants to use women the way that they do. Will they rescue their friends or fail? Read on to find out more.

The official description from IDW:

“Warrior Smart,” conclusion! Benny and Chong are exiled from the farm-without weapons and surrounded by zombies. Nix and Lilah are prisoners, and if Farmer John gets his way, they’ll live their lives in a terrible kind of slavery. How far are four teens willing to go to save those they love? Maberry and Vargas bring the four young samurai to the brink of madness, where every choice is a bad choice and the hungry dead are at the door.

STK660114When the kids came to this farm, we finally though that they were safe but when they found out the horror of what was actually happening things turned for the worse. This issue picks up and doesn’t start running. Benny and Chong decide that they are going to save their friends and make a plan to do so. Nix and Lilah learn that not everyone thinks that what the farm is doing, is wrong.  All this happens and it leads to a final showdown that brings this arc to a conclusion that is satisfying and philosophical. It is pretty great.

Jonathan Maberry really plays with the ideas of right and wrong with this issue. He shows, both, sides of the argument of what is happening on the farm. It is a neat discussion but in the end I wasn’t really sure that our heroes were actually heroes. It was a little confusing.

Tony Vargas has some great things going on with the art of this comic. It is quick and swift and tons of fun to look at. There isn’t a lot of gore but it’s pretty cool.

Rot & Ruin #5 brings a awesome but confusing conclusion to the arc.


  • + Great thoughtful moments
  • + Some cool zombies show up
  • + Philosophical
  • - Confusing ending

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