Penny Dora and the Wishing Box #3 Review

Penny received a magical box that granted wishes but terrified she needed to get rid of it but what happens when she gives up the box? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Image:

It was two days after Christmas, and Penny’s first thought was “If you can’t trust your best friend, who can you trust?” So she gave the Wishing Box to her best friend Elizabeth. Or…PRINCESS Elizabeth, as she was soon known in her kingdom of Southern California where she ruled over all the dragons and beasties and even Penny herself.

PennyDora03-Page1-cf195Penny Dora has been an interesting character because she has been pretty smart but, also, a normal kid, which is a nice balance. In the last issue, Elizabeth was hanging with the box and getting some neat stuff. Penny warns her that this box might not be everything that she wants but she doesn’t listen. Eventually, Penny decides that Elizabeth may be a better person to have the box so she gives it up. However, she goes back the next day and finds that Elizabeth is abusing her power with the box. This leads to the ending and what will happen to Penny. The issue is very good and has some real lessons but the switch of Elizabeth from good and bad is pretty intense and comes out of nowhere. It is really a little silly.

Michael Stock has a great balance of storytelling and morality. This is a comic series you could give to your kids and they will learn something. This issue is just the same. However, the Elizabeth is still pretty odd but I think it will get better.

Sina Grace is the artist and is a fantastic one at that. It is really a great moment to see the different panels and colors working so well together.  It is great.

Penny Dora and the Wishing Box #3 is a great issue with some fun morals.

  • + Great morals
  • + A fun and real character
  • + A new twist to the story
  • - A switch happens too quickly

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