Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly #4 Review

With all things that are going on, you would think that characters in Patricia Brigg’s story would be able to catch a break but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dynamite:

While Mercy discovers how the fae are connected to the unearthed dead bodies, her stepdaughter Jesse finds herself shunned by her classmates just as news breaks that her class rival Kayla has gone missing. Suddenly, Jesse’s the prime suspect in the disappearance. High School never felt crueler!

Mercy04-1-34702Jesse cannot seem to catch a break  but because of something that she can’t control and actually has no connection with she must endure more and more. This issue deals with the dead bodies that have been brought up and we get a look at the person behind it. However, it could be a misdirect. We get to see Jesse make friends with another girl but there might be something a little off.  We see Mercy really become the mother that she needs to be and wants to be. It is a nice change of pace. Then we get a look at Jesse being accused of something that she may or may not have done and her parent’s have to be there to see it. What will happen next?

Patricia Briggs and Rik Hoskin are great writers but this issue really didn’t do much as far as story. It is kind of a boring chapter in the series. It continues to do the same thing without making the story work. It is really too bad.

Tom Garcia does some great stuff with what he has to work with. This issue isn’t very exciting and doesn’t do much so he doesn’t have to work too hard. There is a creature moment in here and that is cool but that’s about it.

Mercy Thompson is usually good but this issue isn’t great.

  • + Mercy Thompson still is a badass.
  • + The art is good.
  • - Very boring.
  • -No character development.

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