Legenderry: Vampirella #2 Review

Can Dynamite continue to captivate with their Legenderry mini-series’? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Vampirella is hot on the trail of The Council, Rupert has a plan to take over the Big City, Jones wants a drink, Mercy wants a job, and Rassendyll enters the picture. Good cops, bad cops, flying machines, soul-drinking serial killers and the world’s tallest clockwork night watchman.

LegenderryVampi02CovBIncen1Having now distributed the first issue of all three mini-series, Dynamite has given us a firm look into what they have planned for Legenderry, as though each tale it uniquely different, all have proven to be thoroughly exciting. Unfortunately that statement falls flat in it’s tracks here, with Legenderry: Vampirella‘s second issue being rather disappointing, and a let down next to the intriguing opening issue.

Having captured my attention with his first script, I was rather shocked to see such a decline in the quality of David Avallone‘s second, as though ultimately this doesn’t destroy the tale he introduced last time round, the lack of development majorly hindered it’s progression. Featuring more on Jones and Hentzau, as well as Mr. Rassendyll’s interest in Vampirella, this issue also does little to excite, as though our heroine gets herself into a dynamic scrap near the end, it doesn’t really help the plot much.

The artwork on the other hand continued to impress, with David Cabrera‘s stunning visuals giving great depth to this lackluster issue. Between the immersive landscapes, and intense character expressions, Cabrera certainly captures this reader’s eye, and though the script doesn’t compliment that, it’s still a huge plus. In addition to this the action also manages to excite, as though brief, it definitely added energy. The sleek finish that Robby Bevard‘s colours bring to proceedings also allure, with the mixture of vibrant and dark colours adding great texture.

Legenderry: Vampirella #2 is a huge let down, as though structurally there isn’t anything shockingly bad about this tale, the lack of plot development, and depth detracts from the interesting tale that the creators introduced last time round. That being said, fans who enjoyed #1 may want to give this issue a try, as though they’re likely to be disappointed, the investment may prove worth it in the end.

  • + Stunning artwork from David Cabrera.
  • - Plot doesn't progress much.
  • - Lack of depth.
  • - Not enough Vampirella.

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