Judge Dredd #27 Review

The whole town is looking for Dredd and has real reason to do so, will Dredd make it out alive or perish under the citizens? Read on to find out more.

The official description from IDW:

“Mega-City Manhunt, part 3”—A frantic Chief Justice Cal resorts to drastic measures to capture the fugitive Judge Dredd–deputizing every single citizen as a street judge for a 24 hour period! The citizen-judge who takes down Dredd will win cold hard cash, free healthcare for life, and his/her own reality show. But the plan breaks down when too many citizens take the law into their own hands…

Dredd27-pr-3-04e39This issue got very interesting in the world of Judge Dredd. Cal has made it to another body and has issued a task to the citizens of Mega-City One. They are all now deputies and have the chance to make some real money, as well as, free health care for life. It is enough to make anyone look for Dredd and bring him down. We get to look at the desperate citizens and their fight to get these goods but Dredd isn’t alone and has some help from Anderson, which she does some pretty cool stuff in. It is a good story and very quick. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Duane Swierczynski is a fantastic writer and does some cool things with this issue. He brings in two new characters that add a new level to the story because you’re sure how they will come into play later and it s crafted very well. It is a great issue.

Nelson Daniel continues to deliver on every panel the art that this comic deserves. It brings the action to life with great detail and awesome environments.

Judge Dredd #27 is a great addition to the series and keeps you wanting more.

  • + Judge Dredd kicks some ass
  • + Stakes are high
  • + Anderson gets some cool powers
  • + Awesome visuals

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