IXth Generation: Hidden Files #1 Review

Is this Hidden File a must have for fans of this comic? Or is it just another way to take more of our cash? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

An in-depth look at the realistic science of IXth GENERATION focusing on transhumanism, cybernetic enhancement, and genetic alteration in this dossier-style book featuring new art by STJEPAN SEJIC.

IXGHF001_covBsocialIt’s always nice to see a new Hidden File come from the Top Cow Universe, as though not all fans will be eager to buy a comic that is mainly devoid of story, it’s a great way for those looking to expand their knowledge of this phenomenal universe. That being said, I did find IXth Generation: Hidden Files #1 to be a little underwhelming, as though the background on Velocity’s involvement with the IX’s was nice, the fact file part of this issue wasn’t quite what I hoped for.

Much like the Aphrodite IX Hidden File that came out the start of last year, Matt Hawkins is joined by Top Cow editor, Ryan Cady, in giving us this fact file styled comic. Giving us an intense, yet brief look into the Artifact’s insertion into the IXth Generation, these writers more than intrigue, as though I would’ve loved to have seen a more expanded version, it was awesome whilst it lasted. They also go on to give wonderful background on the various cities in the series, as though I was hoping for more of a fact file type look into the other IX’s, it was intriguing to learn more about where they live.

For the first time since Aphrodite IX was reintroduced to the Top Cow Universe, back in 2013, another artist than Stjepan Šejić works on this green haired heroine, with Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye illustrator, Atilio Rojo, working on this issue. Though it’s strange not to see Šejić’s beautiful work on this comic, Rojo’s is almost as fascinating, and given the amount of comics Šejić is currently working on, it’d be crazy to expect him to add this one-shot on top (even if it’s solicited so). That being said, the smooth, detailed finish that Rojo delivers in his panels, along with the vibrant colours more than invigorates this fanboy, and if there was an artist to replace Šejić long term, I would be more than happy for it to be Rojo.

This is definitely a comic for the IXth Generation fans, or those looking to get involved in this years Top Cow Talent Hunt. Giving wonderful insight into the various cities, and background on the insertion of the Artifacts to this world, this is a fun addition to the story, but not one for new fans to jump in on.

  • + Enticing look into the Artifact's origins within IXth Generation.
  • + Beautiful art by Atilio Rojo.
  • - Initial story was a little too brief.
  • - Wasn’t quite what I was hoping for.

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