Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Little Mermaid #2 Review

Can this series continue to build on it’s amazing first issue? Or should you chuck this comic into the sea? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:


As Erica’s life is pulled apart,her real mother must delve into her past in order to save her lost daughter. She will need the help of Erica’s mysterious father, but bargaining with the Sea Witch may cost all of them more than they can spare!

LittleMermaid_02_cover-BGiving us a uniquely dark look into the Little Mermaid’s future, and that of her daughter, Erica, Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Little Mermaid more than captures my interest, being a wonderful addition to Zenescope‘s Grimm Fairy Tales line. That continues into this second issue, as though it retracts further from the Little Mermaid character, choosing to focus on the King of Atlantis, Issoro’s past, it still managed to garner my attention.

Meredith Finch and Joe Brush have done a wonderful job of spicing this classic tale up for a more adult audience, with their collective story, and Finch’s script having an intensely dramatic flair from start to finish. The duo also manage to do a fabulous job of building upon this stories background, as though it would’ve been nice to see a bit more of the Little Mermaid, or her daughter Erica for that matter, the immersive altercation between Issoro and the Sea Witch more than enticed.

The illustrations that Miguel Mendonça has produced over the course of these first two issues has been simply beautiful, with the female characters within being handled in a way that’s both appealing to the eye, without being overly sexist. Putting this to one side, the artist also manages to give a breathtaking look into the world of Atlantis, with King Issoro being shown in a majestic way, both at present and in the past. The colours that Jorge Alberto Cortes delivers is also sensational, with the rich, yet deep palette giving a sleek texture to this underwater world.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Little Mermaid #2 is an impressive continuation to the story that was introduced last time around. Yes, it’s titular character may be missing for the majority of the issue, but that doesn’t stop King Issoro’s part in this tale from astounding.

  • + Wonderful look into this Sea King.
  • + Great backstory.
  • + The Sea Witch is a wonderful villain.
  • - Not enough of the Little Mermaid herself.

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