What will happen in Zenescope’s final chapter of the Jungle Book? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The final mini-series of the Jungle Book trilogy has arrived!

As each tribe makes a power play to become stronger in the war between species, Mowglii stands at the center of it all. She may be the one person able to bring them all together against a greater threat.

JungleBook_FOTW_01_coverBDespite having been a fan of Rudyard Kipling‘s Jungle Book for many years, I have never before tried Zenescope’s female centred take on the story. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m fairly new to Zenescope’s work, as though I’ve read their Charmed comics in the past, I have only recently dived into their Grimm Fairy Tales presents line of comics. I can however say that I’ve been fairly impressed so far, as though Jungle Book has some way to go, this issue has certainly intrigued me.

Mark L. Miller continues to handles the script for this series, and despite it being a continuation of prior work, it’s still fairly new reader friendly. The way that he introduces us to the female version of Mowgli, as well as showing Baloo’s predicament really enthralled me, showing a wide, indepth story. Despite this, the story did feel much like catch-up, and though as a new reader I loved this opportunity, it also drained a little of the energy away from the comic. Nevertheless, Miller did a wonderful job, and I’ll certainly be back for issue two.

Despite Miller’s script having me eager to read more of this world, I can’t say that Michael Mandini‘s art did the same. Though the layout of his work allowed for a dramatic tone, I couldn’t help but find the thick inkwork to be a bit off putting, with the blacks being too bold. I also found the facial expressions of Mowgli to be a little jarring, taking away from the emotional drive. I did however find his work on Baloo to be amazing, with the ferocity being brilliantly shown. Additionally the colours of Grostieta also helped to resonate energy, with the bold colours helping to bring this jungle to life.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Jungle Book: Fall of the Wild may have some way to go before it has me captivated, but it’s premise, and quick catch-up certainly has me hooked for more. Recommended.

  • + Mark L. Miller gives a great jumping on point for new readers.
  • + Baloo's story is full of emotional struggle.
  • + Teases the future of the series brilliantly.
  • - Though good, Michael Mandini's art left a lot to be desired.

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