Graveyard Shift #4 Review

Will this vampiric crime drama end on a high? Or has this mini-series been a waste of time? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

MINISERIES CONCLUSION! Liam and Hope launch an assault on Cromeyer’s lair, hoping to defeat the vampire overlord and find a cure for Hope’s condition.

GraveyardShift04_Preview_PageThe creative team behind Graveyard Shift have been building up to something really juice. And as it enters it’s concluding issue, it more than delivers on this, with the resulting backlash of Hope’s vampiric transformation being utterly mindblowing. Giving us a explosive series of events, that sees Liam and Hope take the fight to her vampire creator, Cromeyer, this final issue more than makes the series worth picking up, with the mixture of cliché and unique twists allowing for an intense conclusion to this wonderful mini-series.

Despite the build-up to this point not always exciting, sometimes feeling slow, writer Jay Faerber certainly ends things on a high, with the dramatic, yet captivating series of events being somewhat poetic next to these characters. Delivering an immersive set of dialogue, the writer also allows for a dynamic flair, with the megalomaniac attitude of Cromeyer being as sinister as ever. He also manages to end things in a way that gives closure for fans who’re not expecting a sequel, whilst at the same time, never ruling out the possibility of there ever being one.

I’m really going to miss the artwork on this series, as though I can follow Fran Bueno into new projects, his work on this series has been nothing short of phenomenal. As ever, his sleek look into the vampiric world is a marvel to behold, with the vicious look of Cromeyer, and inferior, yet dangerous look of his minions allowing for great tempo. In addition to this, Bueno also manages to give a mixture of drama and excitement to the action within, with the bold panels being magnificent. Rounding things off, he also delivers deep colours, with the rich texture allowing for a powerful tone.

Graveyard Shift ends in pristine fashion, as though fans may be indifferent as to what they’ve thought of the mini-series so far, they can’t deny the quality of this conclusion. Having exciting action, gripping drama, and a fitting climax, this issue on it’s own makes this a series worth getting.

  • + Exciting action.
  • + Sleek artwork.
  • + Perfect ending.
  • + Dramatic flow.

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