Is this latest Image series something that fans must buy? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Reunited after their memorable run on the critically acclaimed NOBLE CAUSES, JAY FAERBER and FRAN BUENO bring you a new tale of crime, horror, and romance! It’s Fright Night-style thrills and Castle-style crime-solving as a homicide detective and his girlfriend find their love put to the ultimate test when they run afoul of a gang of vampires!

Graveyard Shift #1 previewI’m the kind of fanboy that loves every kind of genre that’s available (well nearly all), but there is one genre that has always stood above the rest; crime. This is most likely due to my love of Batman, but detective stories have always gripped me. Another genre I love is horror, so when I heard that this series would be a detective series that featured vampires, I was more than intrigued.

Copperhead writer, Jay Faerber, is the creative mind behind Graveyard Shift, and though his first script doesn’t do enough to give a clear picture of the series potential, it certainly does enough to leave readers wanting more. The way that he builds up to the tragic twist, as well as the dramatic tone of the twist itself proves extremely enthralling. From a detective standpoint however, there is little in this opening issue that thrilled me; though the series is in early days.

Noble Causes artist Fran Bueno once again joins Faerber in collaboration, with his artwork being as thrilling as ever. The way that the artist manages to capture the drama, and depth of the early sequences, in addition to the emotion he adds to the latter, really allows for a gripping atmosphere. His depiction of vampires also manages to add energy, with the horror effect being utterly amazing. His colours also gives depth to this tale, with the choice of palette giving great tone.

Graveyard Shift may still have a bit of development before it can be considered a must have, but it’s premise certainly goes to show some potential, having this fanboy hooked for the next installment.

  • + Great mixture of crime and horror.
  • + Fran Bueno's art is both chilling and dramatic.
  • + Jay Faerber has created yet another amazing concept.
  • - Still in early stages.

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