The Goon: Once Upon a Hard Time #2 Review

Will the Goon get out of his rage? Or will he continue to lash out at everything around him? Read on to find out. The official description from Dark Horse:

As the Goon patiently waits for the men sent to kill him, he passes the time with a classic book that parallels his descent into a man turned animal. Eric Powell delves into a reflective Goontale inspired by the work of legendary fantasy author H. G. Wells.

Goon Once Upon a Hard Time #2The Goon has fallen on hard times as of late, with the culminating betrayal in Occasion of Revenge sending him into a violent rampage. This somewhat continues into the second issue of Once Upon a Hard Time, as though the plot is more of an adaptation of H.G. Wells The Island of Dr. Moreau, there is still a smidgen of Goon action near the end.

This plot change left me in two minds, as though I’m a big fan of H.G. Wells work, having enjoyed The Island of Dr. Moreau, I’d rather more Goon for my money. Writer, Eric Powell, does on the other hand give a wonderful adaptation of this classic, as despite it’s narrative being majorly abridged to fit within this twenty-two page format, it managed to convey the main areas of this story. It also added a touch of symbolism towards the Goon’s current predicament, as though Moreau and Prendick’s tale is quite a bit different from that of the Goon’s, the violent and emotional depth brings a brilliant sense of familiarity.

Powell’s art also as ever astounded, as though his vision of The Island of Dr. Moreau doesn’t quite match that which is in my head whilst reading this classic, it is one that more than befitting of The Goon. The detail, and layout of Powell’s art also never ceases to amaze, with the beautiful, yet gritty tone being one of the key factors that has turned the Goon into such a beloved character. The sepia like texture that is present within his colours also mesmerizes, with the normal, flat grey tone of the Goon complimenting the more brownish finish to this The Island of Dr. Moreau adaptation.

The Goon: Once Upon a Hard Time #2 is bound to divide fans, as though you’ll have some long term fans that will nevertheless be enthralled, there’ll be many that are unsatisfied with the lack of Goon. That on the other hand doesn’t stop this from being a good comic, just one that readers shouldn’t go into wit high hopes.

  • + Wonderful adaptation of The Island of Dr. Moreau.
  • + Some brilliant symbolism.
  • - Not enough Goon.
  • - Maybe should have been kept for a one-shot.

S#!T Talking Central

  • Danny B

    I was completely let down by this installment. Couldn’t this have been a lead up to option? Like a prequel to #1? I don’t know, I just was not that intrigued, at all. Seemed like lazy writing to me, considering that the book relied on another novel for it’s main purpose?

    • John McCubbin

      Yeah, I get what you mean, and agree with it being badly positioned chronologically. Having been a fan of the book, and the similarities I personally liked it. Just not as much as usual. Also the art had a huge hand in this getting a 7/10. Though it would’ve still been roughly 6 otherwise.