The Bigger Bang #3 Review

Cosmos has a new girl in his life that has a duty that she must keep. Cosmos may have found his place in this world especially when there is no place to call home but nothing good seems to happen to our hero. Read on to find out more.

The official description from IDW:

Has Cosmos found his place in the multi-verse?! Why is Thulu holding secret meetings with agents of Voltrax 4?! Can Wyan reconcile her feelings for Cosmos and her duty to her king?! Annnnd… just what would happen if Cosmos tried to absorb a supernova?! Find out in the penultimate issue of THE BIGGER BANG!

BigBang-03-pr-4-e282dCosmos is a character that I have grown very fond of because he is a real character and has some real issues. He’s like Superman if Superman was cooler and sympathetic. This issue continues to bring my love for the character out and adds a female character to share that love with. We start out with Cosmos having some great moments of acceptance and realization that he might have found a new place where he belongs. Then we get some moments of Thulu talking to agents of Votrax 4 that may have some sinister things up their sleeves. Also, we have a pretty sweet ending that I will not ruin. It is just a great issue and a great series.

D.J. Kirkbride continues to amaze me with the writing of this comic. It is smart, emotional, and so much more. You really get a feeling for this character and care about what happens to him. It is just a great story.

Vassilis Gogtzilas does a fantastic job with the art of this comic. It is brash and very well done. I would say it is some of the best and most interesting that I have seen from a comic book in a long while.

The Bigger Bang #3 continues to be a fantastic comic that everyone should be reading.

  • + New dynamics add to the story
  • + A sweet moment for Cosmos
  • + A love story with a twist.
  • + Fantastic ending and very neat.

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