Grimm Tales of Terror #9 Review

Nine issues in, does this odd title still deserve to be on your pull-list? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

“The Hook Man”

The age-old urban legend about an escaped, homicidal mental patient comes to life in Zenescope’s newest twist on the popular tale.

The fun and scary new series from the company that does horror best continues here!

Grimm Tales of Terror 9_Variant CoverIn the world of Grimm Fairy Tales many fanboys and fangirls have witnessed quite a few horrifying encounters. And this latest slasher entry is no different, as the creative team presents a one-and-done romp in the 80s that’s bound to spark some interest. Do yourself a favor sit back, relax and get ready for some all too familiar genre fun.

Gerardo Preciado pens the script and he keeps the narrative randomness of this franchise going strong with yet another freak-of-the-week outing. What works here is the fact that we have an engaging hostess in the form of the goddess of death, Keres. She’s a force to be reckoned with that carries plenty of horrors worth chatting about. And this latest trip is bound to take all of us back in time as The Hook Man lives up to his urban legend. In the end what we get is a solid camp fire story that makes use of its monster before it wraps things up in a messy bow.

The visuals by Eleonora Carlini are capable but some of the work within these pages came off rather bland. Each panel yields strong structure that knows the level it needs to be as the illustrator puts her pencil to work in an effort to birth some frightening moments. I wanted a bit more from the opening and ending sequences but for the most part I walked away fairly engaged. And when the colors by Vinicius Andrade enter this jaunt the whole book just resonates with genre tropes in mind.

Grimm Tales of Terror #9 is a sturdy comic that does indeed hold attention. It may not be highbrow but it is fun from beginning to end as this comes recommended.

  • + Solid script.
  • + Keres tells a tale.
  • + The Hook Man strikes!
  • - Some disappointing visuals...

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