Grimm Fairy Tales #108 Review

Was the latest outing magical? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Burn Your Life Down – Part Two

When Ali and Skye unwittingly release a malevolent spirit at Arcane Acre, their burgeoning powers are put to the test when Sela isn’t there to save them. Tied up in her duties as protector of Earth, Sela joins with former HiboCorp agent Jessica Ciampo to save a Phoenix stuck in a horrific state between life and death.

Grimm Fairy Tales 108_Preview PageIf ever there was a moment to buy into this franchise, the time is now! The current creative team continues to not only keep the world accessible but the players themselves understandable. And believe me when you’re dealing with Highborns and Falsebloods that’s a necessary balancing act for any title that’s survived mini-series, one-shots, events, holiday specials, a hundred issues and everything in between.

Pat Shand continues to present a version of Grimm Fairy Tales that’s perfectly suited for both seasoned readers and eager newcomers. Arcane Acre has its share of problems, including the not so benevolent spirit of the Mad Hatter, and the author plays up that tension while slowly pushing the students to embrace who they are. The way the story unfolds fits within the narrative scope of the property without hindering the landscape made by Realm War. And with just enough nods to current and past arcs there’s plenty of meaty material and action for everyone to enjoy.

Burn Your Life Down” gets more engaging with every page, as illustrator Andrea Meloni presents a sturdy display. Consistent pencil strokes with a controlled level of detail that offers plenty of personality to please the eye without distracting it with too many unnecessary tangents. The overall look of the GFT universe, and it’s primary cast of characters, remains intact from start to finish. And when the dynamic colors by Erick Arciniega come into focus the whole of the book pops with a vibrant life.

Grimm Fairy Tales #108 is superb entertainment that sets up its next arc with ease. For that reason and what’s coming around the corner this one comes recommended.

  • + Fantastic visuals.
  • + It's new reader friendly.
  • + See the terror of Wonderland!
  • - In the end the arc wraps up quickly...

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