GODZILLA: Rulers of Earth #23 Review

Rulers of Earth is back! As the finale comes closer, King Caesar makes his big debut in the modern day. How does this issue fare? Let’s take a look.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

King Caesar emerges… but will he be in time to help Godzilla stop the swelling Trilopod hive?

This is one of those rare issues where Godzilla actually doesn’t appear. Yet of course one can feel his being there without actually being there. Instead, the star of the show is King Caesar who certainly doesn’t disappoint. With just two issues to go, the climax is starting to heat up. This issue provides some great storytelling while having awesome action. It could very well be the best issue where Godzilla doesn’t appear.

GODZILLA_ROE_23_cvrPerhaps Chris Mowry’s best piece of writing involves Emperor Karkaro. Unfortunately, he’s such a great antagonist that Rhizon is now basically a joke. I don’t consider the latter a negative, since I think that’s the purpose since the leader is here. (Hopefully it doesn’t go the generic route and has him betray the emperor, or if he does, somehow make it unique.) Most of the issue takes place in Okinawa, where Lucy, the twins, and a couple of others wake up King Caesar. Lucy has always been a cheerful character, so to see her get really emotional was a nice change of pace, and Mowry handles it wonderfully. King Caesar’s role is most excellent, everything that his original appearance in Godzilla vs. Mecahgodzilla should have been.

Matt Frank’s art is very good throughout. King Caesar in particular looks great, especially his ominous slumber in the mountain. His battle with Battra is fantastic, easily one of the best from the series yet. One of my personal favorite panels was when a lone Trilobite looms down on Lucy and friends. It really gives a solid and frightening look at the creature in comparison with the humans. The main cover by Frank showcases the fight between Caesar and Battra in great glory. The RI by Jeff Zornow is more ominous, showcasing a defeated Godzilla and the big Trilobite standing triumphed, definitely a great piece.

Overall, an excellent issue. King Caesar makes an incredible debut in the modern day as be battles Battra for a notable battle. The series only looks to get even more epic in the final two issues, so keep on reading!

  • +King Caesar makes an excellent modern-day debut
  • +King Caesar vs. Batta was a fantastic fight
  • +Karkaro is still a great antagonist

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