EGOs #6 Review

And with the sixth issue in, is this really a comic series worth following? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Continuing the new storyline CRUNCHED: Meet the Cubers—forgotten soldiers from a longago war, now starving to death on a planet full of food. But are they the key to the galactic conspiracy? Or is it the mysterious Quantum Trust?

“Everything [Stuart Moore] writes demands attention.” -Warren Ellis

EGOs 6_Preview PageFrom day one there’s been something about this science fiction based superhero book that got my attention. And so far I feel I’ve been rewarded for that interest by a creative team that continually expands layers of lore while keeping their audience in mind. In other words, brace yourselves and prepare for another awesome outing that earns a spot on your pull-list.

Stuart Moore pens the script and the latest adventure for the EGOs continues on while teaching curious fanboys and fangirls about the potential cruelty of government. For all the details at play, from Tortuga to the Quantum Trust, the author keeps the human element at the forefront. We see suffering with the knowledge that if the narrative takes a wrong turn things for all these estranged players will only get worse. And what really strikes a cord is the marriage between Deuce and Pixel, which even though they’re in separate locations at this time, their connection remains and who knows? It might just be worth fighting for!

On the visual side the consistent illustration by Gus Storms build a decent set of worlds with a diverse cast of characters. Each panel and page is smartly rendered as the art supports the written word while constructing and acting as an extension to the intent behind the text. And with Ryan Hill offering up strong and dynamic colors to complete the look of the book, the entire release quickly becomes a unique addition to any collection.

EGOs #6 is another step toward a full-filling series. The creative team has charted something special that grows month in and month out. Because of that, and the tease for #7, this outing comes recommended.

  • + Pretty pictures.
  • + Deuce and his idol.
  • + The EGOs on Tortuga.
  • - It's just over too quickly...

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