EGOs #5 Review

Is this worth a buy? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Beginning “CRUNCHED,” the EGOs’ biggest storyline yet! The narcissistic super-team of the future returns to battle an invisible threat to the galactic economy. Featuring the erratic Prisoner Seven; The Commander, aged hero of the Crunch War; and a few cruel twists.

EGOs 5_Preview PageThis is where we begin a steady dive into a plot that’s ripe with intrigue but still contains the unique dynamics that have been on display since this title’s first outing. There were moments where the text came off a bit heavy handed, but the dialogue and the visuals functioned well, as a romp that was tailor made for sci-fi fandom continued to do what it needed to do.

It’d be easy to describe this franchise as a superhero epic in space, more or less, but that doesn’t sound all that original. What really makes this comic worthwhile is the fact that the author, Stuart Moore, found a way to take genre tropes and balance them with some very human issues. At the core of this team happens to be a marriage that’s been tested for decades, and to see that as the undercurrent of the comic is fascinating to say the least. In the end the cast benefits from it while we’re given a chance to see why this dysfunctional EGOs team might be worth paying attention to.

The illustrations by Gus Storms may be the single best thing contained within the yarn. The renditions are smartly executed, as a barrage of pencil strokes cover genuine players and unique settings. Each page is detailed in a way that never exhausts the eye, but instead delivers enough oomph in order to make the whole of the piece sturdy but also fun. And my compliments to John Rauch, the talent that effortlessly layered the pictures with the right type and amount of color.

EGOs #5 may not be the most amazing piece of fiction out there today, but man it’s engaging! Add in a smart creative team and there’s no doubt that this one comes recommended.

  • + It's a space epic!
  • + New reader friendly.
  • + Stellar art by Gus Storms.
  • - The text can be heavy handed...

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