Copperhead #4 Review

Copperhead! Just when you think you can make it, you don’t; just when you think you have things figured out, you’re wrong.

The official description from Image:

Sheriff Clara Bronson sets a trap while Deputy Boo chases down a lead—both figuratively and literally.

Copperhead 4 CoverI am not sure who is writing these official descriptions, but a bit more marketing could go a long way to pique the interest of new readers – Just saying – Nevertheless, this issue speaks for itself, once again.

Last issue I had a revelation about how much I REALLY LIKED this series. I am happy to say, this latest issue did not let me down. The story is still just as engaging and the art is fantastic. In fact, the only real disappointing aspect to this issue is that it felt too short. I guess I read it way too fast…

Jay Faerber went deeper this issue into a few of the characters. It felt really natural and fit within the pacing of the story perfectly. While I do not believe it has hit “Deadwood in Space” status yet, it is rising fast through the enjoyment ranks to get there…

Copperhead 4 Preview 1

One of the best ways Faerber’s character development is taking shape, literally, is through Scott Godlewski amazing art. The “double-click” on Deputy Boo’s personality and back-story was particularly fascinating, and imagined perfectly through Godlewski’s illustrations. Another thing that Godlewski nails is world sizing and perspective. While Scott’s lines are cleaner, his art is reminiscent of one of my favorite artists, Sean Gordon Murphy (most notably from THE WAKE).

Copperhead 4 Preview 2

So, yes – I still highly recommend this book. It is going in a great direction and promises to deliver on some pretty interesting plot lines. I am excited to read next month’s issue, and know now to read this story a bit slower…

  • + I am continually impressed by this series!
  • + Fantastic character building!
  • - This issue seemed really short.

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