Copperhead #3 Review

The space-born rabbit hole gets even deeper and darker in this, the latest issue of Copperhead!

The official description from Image:

Sheriff Clara Bronson’s plan to catch a murderer takes her deep inside the copper mine.

Copperhead 3 CoverWith such a highly descriptive solicitation, I guess Image believes this issue will speak for itself…

And I am here to tell you – IT DOES!

Actually, it hit me in a strange way. I have been giving this book pretty high marks from the beginning, because of what it was attempting to do, and how it was executing – but something in this issue made me REALLY LIKE IT. I cannot even nail it down to one single thing.

Which I guess is a good thing. Many good things, in fact.

Jay Faerber continues to do a fantastic job of building anticipation. His world building capabilities are impressive. He has also been able to keep the pace appropriate for the various unfolding plot lines. I am very pleased with the cliffhanger-to-reveal ratio for this series so far. All this, and he still keeps me guessing. The end of this issue was very well done, leaving us with a nice solid cliff-dangling plot twist.

Copperhead 3 Preview 1

Scott Godlewski continues to bring all of the characters to life. While I could not determine the exact thing that made me start really liking this book, I can tell you the primary contributor is the art. More specifically Sheriff Clara’s nose.

Copperhead 3 Preview 2

See what I am talking about? Such a cute nose.

And if you get a nose right, you get the rest of the crazy alien appendages. At least that is my humble opinion.

So, I definitely think this book is worth picking up. It is interesting, the world-building is fantastic, and the artist knows how to draw a mighty fine nose (and everything else).

  • + The newest Space Western on the rack, continues to impress!
  • + Intelligent story-telling, great pacing, stupendous world-building!
  • + This series just keeps getting better!

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