Black Science #4

Big events kick off Black Science #4 with major repercussions for the team and their effort to make it home! Is it a book you should be picking up? Read on to find out!

Official description from IMAGE:
Grant McKay and his team of Dimensionauts are given a short reprieve when the Pillar drops them not into a hellish warzone or an alien swampland but a… hotel? Just don’t trust the room service; there’s more to this place than meets the eye.

BlackScience04Rick Remender is firing on all cylinders with Black Science. Grant McKay and his team are mere moments away from being launched into a new dimension. McKay is dying and faithful temmate Ward is fighting off high-tech Native Americans with their Shaman in tow as McKay’s only hope for survival. Tense, dramatic and action packed but when the team finally travel to a new place in time, their team is no longer in tact, alliances are formed and the team may be sticking around this new time for longer then they have anticipated.

Full disclosure, I am a HUGE Remender fan and Black Science is a great piece of sci-fi adventure. This book feels a lot like Fear Agent but is it’s own story. Remender throws out all the rules in the process. He kicks off the issue with a massive chase scene with plenty of action with dire consequences. His portrayal of the Native Americans with high-tech weapons trying to rescue their Shaman is tense, suspenseful and high impact action. He plays with an level playing field where each side feels justified in their actions but no one truly wins the battle. He ups the ante by playing the countdown card as his team tries to reach the Pillar mere second before it transports them to a new place in time. It’s intense and exciting with all the hope and all the dread that lie within a last chance dash to safety.

Matteo Scalera illustrates the chaos and action with all the raw energy that each scene requires to achieve the desired effect flawlessly.  The flow of action and the motion applied to each panel sells the action and fantasy Remender writes within these outlandish worlds. Scalera’s use of back to back full page spreads in the heart of the opening action feels big and exciting with plenty to love for the sci-fi and action fan.

After the high intensity opening half Remender slows the action down and brings the crew to a new imaginative alien place in time. Filling it full of different species and diversity. While the pace is slower the drama only gets deeper. Alliances are formed, secrets are revealed and new threats are introduced. Black Science is a must read for epic sci-fi fans but also fans of great comics. Remender and Scalera are a team that create deeply strange and beautiful fantasy with all the action and adventure that will get your blood pumping. Remender throws all caution to the wind and barrels full-force into epic sci-fi territory with amazing characters and deeply engaging storytelling. Don’t pass on Black Science and add to your pull-list immediately!

  • + Best Sci-Fi from Remender since Fear Agent
  • + Scalera art is impactful and intense
  • + Highly imaginative characters and worlds
  • - Where do we go from here?

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