Avengers #31 Review

Should we care about this side story? Or can fans skip this arc altogether? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:


• Propelled fifty years into the future, the Avengers come face-to-face with the legacy of their actions!

Avengers 31_Preview PageThe entire idea associated with this event has birthed a compelling set of conundrums that seem set to propel quite a few different series into fascinating directions. The latest volume featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes follows suit, as this striking creative team charts a dark future that bares some shocking implications for the House of Ideas. The question facing our costumed icons is whether or not they can return from this time traveling escapade? And if so is any of it preventable?

Following that line of thought Jonathan Hickman throws the Avengers in a near endless glimpse into a series of nightmarish futures. I’ll be honest the main bit that earns the spotlight warrants some attention as the rest of the stop gaps feel necessary but not as powerful. From Thor to Hawkeye there’s a lot going on especially when Captain America comes face to face with a representation of himself. Without spoiling the festivities fans can rest assured because this author plays his cards close to the vest even with a narrative that, from the onset, felt easily confusing.

For those that caught his earlier works you already know that Leinil Francis Yu is a marvelous artist when it comes to dynamic illustrations. Offering up a unique take on reality the uncanny talent knows exactly how to capture key renditions without over populating them with too many layers. Through that contained vision we see a wide array of detail especially during the last few pages. Even so the colors handed in by Sunny Gho highlight the right parts and absolutely complete this package.

Avengers #31 is a quality release that earns attention while forging its own destiny. I have to admit it feels slightly reminiscent of what DC Comics is currently doing but the creative team births enough originality to make my job easy. Highly recommended.

  • + The Avengers apparently lost in time!
  • + Earth's Mightiest vs. the future they wrought.
  • + Jonathan Hickman kills it with another winner.
  • + Carries outstanding illustrations by Leinil Francis Yu.

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