Rebel Blood #3 Review

Sometimes you just want to read a story with zombies. Sometimes you don’t want to read about the character dynamics from The Walking Dead, sometimes you just want to read a fun story with the living dead. (Not to mention zombie animals.) The Walking Dead and Rebel Blood are two zombie-themed series from the same company. I like to see them as The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. The Walking Dead is character driven with zombies as the backdrop, it focuses more on the characters than anything else, while Rebel Blood just wants to give the reader a fun time with insane and creepy concepts. While obviously this series will never be as big as The Walking Dead, it’s still  great  in its own right. Issue #3 succeeds in everything it sets out to be.

The official description from Image:

It’s dog-eat-dog out there. And dog-eat-man. A mysterious infection has turned the whole world into a free-for-all feeding frenzy overnight and the forest is alive with infected animals and people out for your blood. They’re after you and they’re hungry! If only they weren’t walking. If only they weren’t dead!

I haven’t seen many zombie movies, but this issue has inspired me to check out some. This is summer blockbuster type, so expect lots of zombie scenes here. Our main character Chuck doesn’t get lost in all the mayhem however. No, he isn’t just a one-dimensional character put there to run from the living dead thankfully. Backstory gets shown in the form of flashbacks, which is a good idea. They aren’t long, the action keeps coming. However, it’s a lot of the creepy zombie concepts that make the issue. Zombie babies? Check. Zombie owls? Check. See how awesome this sounds?

The art, while not very detailed, fits the story perfectly. The gritty look just makes the zomies all the more creepy. Especially these un-dead deer, thanks to the art, they look awesomely emotionless. At its core, this issue played out like a survivior horror film. Chuck is constantly running away from these things looking for the people he knows. I’m not exactly sure where he got these skills to survive, but it doesn’t affect the story.

Overall, Rebel Blood #3 surprised me with how fun and creepy this series can get. The action is fast paced, yet the story doesn’t get lost. C’mon, this is the only thing where you’ll see a zombie owl grabbing a zombie rat with its talons. If you’re a zombie fan or looking to get into the zoimbie genre, give Rebel Blood #3 a go, you will not be disappointed.


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