Deadpool VS Carnage: 3 Mental Reasons To Pick It Up

Rejoice! Marvel has unleashed Cullen Bunn’s (the maniac who dug deep into Magneto series and turned heads in Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Deadpool vs Carnage. I quickly picked up an issue and was very pleased to see the new playmates having a good ole psychopathic time.


Jokes and Chaos

Carnage is on the loose and he doesn’t waste anytime satisfying his homicidal appetite for chaos and carnage. Who better to stop him than the Merc With The Mouth. It’s not like he has anything better to do plus they’re similar interests makes them a match made in Marvel Hell. Between the two there is enough sinister humor and violence for a family cookout. Each page is splattered with sinisterly goofy comic relief, outrageous violence, and then there’s the insanity of Deadpool who will do anything to entertain the “TV people” (SSHHH they’re watching).

cullen bunn signing 005

Cullen Bunn

What I really enjoy about this issue is that Cullen Bunn has got Deadpool down to the point of his sword. He gets it. In the introduction to Deadpool, he’s chillaxin in his crummy living room watching the news on Carnage’s rampage. It’s like Deadpool really doesn’t care, but Cullen won’t let him walk away from this using subliminal messaging  to encourage Mr. Pool to “RIDE THE WAVE” and “…BE THE FIRST TO..” go after Carnage. Even Carnage has his moments where he’s on the fence of breaking the fourth wall: ranting in his underwear about how this time he’s going back to his random acts of CARNAGE and no longer worried about world domination.


Solid Match-Up

When the two finally meet face to face the BLAM BLAM BLAMings, SHRRRKS, and the Regeneratin Degenerate’s bullying does not stop. It’s cool to see Carnage taken back by his new foe. He’s been up against some hefty heroes, but I don’t think he was well prepared for someone who enjoys swords, guns, and GRENADES.  At least i thought that until the end of the issue….I’ll let you check it out and see for yourself.

The issue was released yesterday (April 2, 2014) and issue #2 will be WHOMPING comic book shelves on April 16th.