Oddly Normal #5 Review

With Oddly having an already bad day, how could it get worse? Detention. Will Oddly survive her new school or will she fall? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Image:

Oddly Normal’s horrible, terrible, very bad first day of school finally comes to anend.

OddlyNormal05-Page6-a62e9Oddly Normal is starting to win me over, especially with this issue because we really get a moment to see that she has been bullied and hurt and now, even in this new world she is having trouble. The last issue is where she was bullied and it ended abruptly. This issue continues with Oddly getting blamed for the bullying and she is taken to detention. We find out that detention is a dungeon, where they don’t know how long she will be there. It is ridiculous but an ally comes to let her out giving her a very intense warning. She gets out and leaves but gets lost and a lot of things happen that I will not reveal but it’s pretty interesting and gives a lot of information about who could be doing these things and about her parents that will come into play later on. It was really exciting and very cool.

Ottis Frampton is a fantastic author and artist. First the writing, it was very good and revealed a lot of things without being obvious. He treats his audience like they are smart like he should. It was really cool to see that part and the way he does it is fantastic. The art is the same way. It is very warm feeling and shifts the mood of the comic when the emotions change. The art is fun and very cartoony but refined. The only part that I have a problem with is that it goes a little too quickly. I wish we could have a little more interaction.

Oddly Normal is getting pretty fantastic and really works with this issue.

  • + A great look at bullying
  • + Cute and Fun
  • + Great characterization
  • - Need a little more dialogue

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