Nick Dourian’s Highest Grossing Heroes of Color

Nick Dikran Dourian here again, the 22 year old geek columnist from Last Vegas, Louisiana. With the recent release of Black Panther, I’d like to take this moment to celebrate the successes of diverse heroes in cinema. I’ve compiled a list of the top 4 grossers, and to any knowledgable geek, you’ll immediately recognize these films.

Check out our graphic below! But let me take a brief moment to lament how few female superheroes and heroes of color are represented on the silver screen. While conducting my reseasrch, I was only able to find 5 non-team films starring a superhero of color in the top 100 grossing superhero films. That’s right, the rest were populated by either team films with mostly white leads or solo films with a single white lead. Why?

Well, if you’d like to comment on the current success of Black Panther, the wave of diverse heroes in cinema, or the sparse history of people of color in superhero films, make a comment below.

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