Nick Dourian About Finances in Thor

Nick Dourian here to talk about finances, money, and all those glorious tidbits in Thor: Ragnarok. BTW, to read more of my stuff, check out the Nick Dourian page here on UnleashTheFanboy. . Or, if you like, you can find more of my stuff on my English website for Nick Dourian.

While the evil goddess of Death was busy running around Asgard, killing and murdering the gentle town folk, the penny counters of the Eternal Kingdom were absolutely shocked.

Debt. Destruction. They go absolutely hand in hand.

I know that I’m just a 22 year old student, with not much to my name (the great name of Nick Dourian). But… I really want to punch higher than my paygrade, and get into the economical depths of Ragnarok.

What would an apocalypse do to an economy? What would the cost of recreating and restructuring every home on Asgard cost? More than an arm and a leg (and more than an eye, **wink wink Thor**).

Our special analysts, who have worked tirelessly in the Asgardian mortgage industry for nigh on millenia, have carefully itemized every point of destruction in the new film.

1,200 Asgardian mansions, 400 recreational facilities, 200 mead halls, and a single brothel, that our favorite interstellar characters never seem to mention.

In my, Nick Dourian’s, humblie opinion, the scale of destruction in Thor Ragnarok is nigh on incalculable.

And for that reason, I got no idea how much it would cost. Ask your local financier! He might know better than I.