MARVEL To Kill Someone With “Dead” In Their Name! Deadpool, Is It You?

Deadpool? Finally killed off?! Impossible! And yet it seems likely that this is the next step in the ever-evolving world of Marvel comics. David Gabriel, who is the supervisor of Marvel’s Sales and Marketing, stated in a recent interview:

Oh and speaking of death, we were just talking about  the upcoming death of a character in March in issue #250 of a character with the word Dead in his name. Go Figure.

Deadpool is the only real option, but his current title isn’t anywhere close to 250. Some sources say that if you add up  the various mini-series titles with Deadpool’s name in the title, then it would all fall in place. Will Deadpool really die?  It’s tough to say. While this would certainly be a risky move, it certainly isn’t the first time Marvel has threatened to kill off certain characters.

But I doubt this will be a permanent end to Deadpool. For one, how do you kill someone who doesn’t die?  Also, we have to remember that this came from the head figure of advertising, and dropping something like this is all part of his job and all part of the hype. We’ve had these types of stunts for decades and as comic fans, we all know this is nothing permanent. With a Deadpool movie coming out in 2016 I really can’t see anything happening to keep the character out of comics.

It is possible this could be some kind of one-shot story set in yet another alternate reality as Marvel is known to do.  Only time will tell!