Marvel CANCELING Winter Soldier With A Movie INCOMING?

In a very stupid decision, Marvel has decided to cancel The Winter Soldier title.

The current status of the title will not last because, there is sorta a Winter Soldier movie on the way.

In fact this story is just one big tease, readers have no idea what Marvel truly has up their sleeves with this move.

The comic is supposedly canceled with issue 19. Keen observers will notice the title missing from the July solicitations.

Writer Jason Latour had the following to say on his blog,

 “Well, I won’t lie, after spending the last 9 months or so living in Bucky Barnes’s skin, I’m a little heart broken, He’s grown to be a very special character to me, maybe my favorite Marvel character ever, and I felt I could’ve written his story for years.”

“The opportunity to do so came at a very trying time in my life and really helped me through some tough stuff, so in it’s way it’s very personal work. I hope that shows. That said though, really, enough cryin’ in my beer. I’m VERY grateful to everyone involved with the book all along the line for making it such a worthwhile experience.”

“But maybe most of all I’m in the debt of the special community of fans who stuck with us and showed us such big slobbery love through out. I know it was hard losing folks as revered and talented as Brubaker and company, but thank you for giving us a real shot.”

Penciller Nick Klein wrote,

 “Thank you to the readers and Fans who supported the book and gave us a chance to tell our tale. I hope you all enjoyed the last 3 issues, and I hope you will stick around for the last 2 issues to see the conclusion of the arc.”

One last picture of the Winter Soldier was drawn by Klein as a sort of ‘thank you’ to the fans.

Winter Soldier #19 is the last issue, so be sure to support the creative team with a purchase when the title is shipped in June!

What the hell is Marvel doing right now!

Source: CBR