There are two names that every comic book fan should trust, all hail Giffen and DeMatteis! The two writers have an incredible Justice League run that should earn that an instant buy whenever you see their names. If you havent read there Justice League go read it now! Are you back? Anyway only Keith Giffen is writing the first issues of Larfleeze but pretty soon the legendary DeMatteis will be joining him. That guy up there is one of the greediest aliens in the universe thanks to his orange lantern ring. The two writers have been pining to get a chance to journal his adventures for a few years as evident from this interview from early 2012.

“When I sat down with Larfleeze, I could really see how he falls into what I do. He’s a massively flawed character but he’s hilariously flawed in circumstances where those flaws come to the surface. The bwa-ha-ha is in ‘Ambush Bug.’ And this isn’t Lobo. It’s Larfleeze, which is a whole other set of circumstances.”

Previously this corner of the DC Universe was covered in Threshold, unfortunately that title was brought to a premature cancellation. This title is launching june 26 so get ready for some avarice inspired fun! Scott Kolins, the artist on the upcoming title has shared some of his first interior art below.

Source: CBR