Lady Killer #2 Review

Josie is just your normal lady; smart, funny, and an assassin. However, she is having some trouble balancing it all but she will somehow. Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Josie’s life grows more complicated than ever. Between the demands of her family life (including her disapproving mother-in-law), the challenges of performing as a ruthless assassin, and being underestimated by the men she works for, how can she do it all—and make it look so good?

ldyklr2p1Wow! The first issue was a great time and super fun and this issue continues that fun but, also, badassness that she is showing us. This issue deals with the fact that she is really trying to balance her life, which is really neat because she seems to have a passion for assassination but she cares a lot about her family.   The one thing that we get from this issue is that she is a strong independent woman and doesn’t let the men take advantage of her or belittle her. It is really a great thing to see a strong woman take control and really balance all the things that are demanding her. She does it so well but, also, looks amazing through it. She makes it look easy but she does give the emotions behind it. It is a nice balance.

Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich are fantastic writers and have done something special with this comic book. It is really a fantastic book. It allows women to be strong and independent but have compassion, which is lost in some books. They do it perfectly.

Joëlle Jones is a really great artist and makes this lady look amazing. You can really tell that there is heart and soul drawn in the comic book. It is nice to see that kind of passion.

Lady Killer #2 is a great next issue that adds great stuff.

  • + Awesome female lead
  • + A fantastic look at woman in charge
  • + Strong visuals
  • + A lot of fun

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