Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Down Town #3 Review

With Molly having some issue of her own, Harry has been a very busy wizard figuring out the tormentor of Chicago and where it stands against him.

The official description from Dynamite:

With the help of Bob and a rather twisted spirit entity, Harry has tracked a killer to Chicago’s deadliest supernatural neighborhood: the labyrinthine network of subterranean tunnels known as Undertown! It’s a place even powerful mages fear to tread, but Harry has little choice if he wants to prevent any further bloodshed. At least he’ll have Molly with him…if, of course, she survives her own encounter with their enemy’s remains.

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Goodness do we have an issue of the Dresden files happening this week, it is a lot of craziness packed into only one issue. First, we have Molly who is honestly grasping for her life when a creature comes to take her life but she has some tricks of her own, allowing her to break free but the trouble doesn’t end there. Harry is dealing with his only problems because of the tunnels known as Undertown. It is a place that many don’t go and fewer are coming back. However, without much of a choice, Harry must make the trip and figure out the person behind all the bloodshed. It is pretty exciting and even more dangerous of an issue.

Jim Butcher and Mark Powers have some fantastic moments in this issue and continue ot show they are a power house in the writing world. The story has some great twists and some fun moments, while moving the story forward. It also has some urgency in the story that really adds another dynamic.

Carlos Gomez brings the words to life with his incredible style and charisma. It really is something special and a lot of fun.

Down Town continues to prove another great arc for the Dresden Files.

  • + Fantastic story arc
  • + Wonderful new creatures
  • + Awesome Action
  • + Molly is pretty sweet

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