Invincible #89 Blows Through First Run

With the Scourge virus throwing Mark Grayson out of the loop, someone’s forced to defend Earth. So who is this new Invincible you ask? You’ll have to find out for yourself in the latest release, issue #89, but that might be a little easier said than done. With such a huge and exciting story, fans have laid siege to comic shops everywhere, devouring every last copy of the book that the could possibly find. It’s been so successful that Invincible #89 is running through its second printing. Check out this bit from the official press release for more…

In INVINCIBLE #89, creator Robert Kirkman changed everything, and fans responded —
after hitting stores on February 29, the issue has sold out, prompting a second
printing (JAN128085) that will be in stores on March 28, the same day as INVINCIBLE

With Mark Grayson fighting the deadly Scourge virus in an alien hospital, a new hero
dons the Invincible costume, INVINCIBLE #89 has led long-time readers to speculate
what direction the story will take and provided new or lapsed readers with a
jumping-on point.

INVINCIBLE #89 is a full-color comic book for $2.99, written by Robert Kirkman, with
art by Ryan Ottley. The ongoing monthly series is available in comic book stores and
on multiple digital platforms.

I’ll be the first to admit, this issue reminds me a lot of the change-up we saw in Ultimate Spider-Man last summer… but I don’t care. This is a much welcomed turn in the story.