Invincible #101 Review

After the major changes that hit in the big hundredth issue, Invincible #101 dials back on the excitement to deal with the fallout of Mark’s actions. The official description from Image is cryptic and uninformative:

The Aftermath.

N.B. that this review will have SPOILERS for both this issue, and, more importantly, the previous issue #100.

The defining element of this issue is just how mellow it is, how chill. After the reveal that Atom Eve was pregnant, she and Invincible decide quickly enough that they will keep the baby, although the situation soon turns awkward as they try to adjust to the new status quo. Additionally, Invincible must face his friends, who now know about his involvement in the worldwide disaster, while his father, Omni-Man, must face consequences as well. Robert Kirkman is shuffling his characters, adjusting their dynamics in the wake of recent events. There’s some humor injected (one ineffectual attack by Kaboomerang is pretty funny) and it’s all handled well, but it’s not particularly exciting. The slight cliffhanger ending promises the book will get exciting again soon enough.

Ryan Ottley’s layouts make for one of the better “talkie” issues of a book that I’ve ever read, but, again, he doesn’t have much to work with. He gets some good expressions in, particularly in the aforementioned awkward scene. I do wish Cliff Rathburn would go just a little heavier on the inks, to increase the contrast, but that’s not a major complaint at all.


After the previous three issues of nearly nonstop action, it’s nice for Invincible to slow down a bit to get resettled. But while this issue did keep me casually interested, it never got me really invested, given its somewhat ho-hum approach and lack of urgency. That said, the foreboding ending suggests that the calm between storms won’t last long. Maybe I should learn to appreciate it while I have the chance.


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