The Humans #4 Review

With Johnny dealing with his PTSD and coming back to “The Humans”, they decide to go to a gladiator-esque fighting match but will “The Humans” win or lose? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Image:

Welcome to the Skin fights, baby!!! The Humans visit FLEX trucking to do a little business and have a lotta fun! Deals go down, bets get made and Skin fighting (homo-sapien cock fighting) is the sport of the day!!!

Humans04-Page4-52591“The Humans” have decided to go down a trucking place where they can get their jollies off and get some of their business done. They do a thing called “Skin Fights”, which is just like gladiators and all the apes have a warrior to represent them. It is really interesting because these people are treated like they are nothing but cattle and fighters. “The Humans” want to make a deal and it comes down to a bet. They have to have a fighter that can beat the champion. We get an interesting look, again, into Johnny’s past when he is the one that chooses the fighter that they will use in the fight. I won’t ruin the ending but it does do some interesting things with itself. I would say it’s pretty cool.

Keenan Marshall Keller is a great writer but I had some problems with this issue. First off, Johnny is a really serious character but I wish he would loosen up just a little because it is really hard to read but not emotional but a stereotype. Along with this, I want to see “The Humans” do something big, they just seem like a small time gang but they need more. It is just getting boring.

Tom Neely is a great artist and does some great visuals in this comic. It is really a work of art.

The Humans #4 is a great comic but is getting boring.

  • + A fun look at skin fighting
  • + Neat characters introduced
  • - It is a little boring
  • - It is getting a little stereotypical.

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