Remember these?

Then check out the new Mighty Avengers!

Here at UNLEASH THE FANBOY we  regularly have been writing articles like this or even this! While we cannot speak for the movie industry, Marvel Comics is actually fucking trying! This team is made up of 90% black characters, except for The Superior Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and White Tiger who still are all pretty much minorities. This is coming off of the heels of Marvel’s all female X-Men title! Joss Whedon’s quote from a few days ago is proved meaningless when  you just have to push in order to actually do this! I understand that the editorial forces at these big publishers is going to be really strong, which is why a huge name like Whedon would have to push for this. This is a new team for the company now that Axel Alonso is EIC, it started with Marvel NOW! and has been brought some much needed diversity with it! Things like the new X-Force team are mostly made up of females.

The new Mighty Avengers are set to play a huge role in Infinity. Which is great for the sales and overall health of the book. The reason why a title like this has never been published before is because of the reality of the market. Low selling books simply get axed now even after a few months. If YOU want to see this team continue any further buying this should be a necessity! Tom Brevoort and Al Ewing had the following to say about this new title,

 “Mighty Avengers” will debut this September from the writer and artist Greg Land and will feature a team including Power Man, She-Hulk, White Tiger and Blue Marvel.

“It’s a fairly key ‘Infinity’ component. When the core Avengers team leaves earth to deal with the threat known as the Builders and Thanos attacks the planet they leave behind, this team forms around Luke Cage in order to battle back again the Mad Titan. “That will be the core cast that makes up this book…really the course of our first number of issues will show our cast coming together.”

Immediately, I thought of a niche. I’m pretty sure this was the niche you guys were going for anyway, but it was for a team of Avengers on the ground as part of the community – almost a community outreach thing,”

Embrace this turn of the comic book industry because this may never happen again. Mighty Avengers hits in September!

Source: CBR