Harbinger #20 Review


Valiant continues it’s push with “Must Read Valiant” and an all new arc, both of which are true, in Harbinger #20. Peter and his Renegades have finally escaped the physic prison from Toyo Harada and Harbinger launches forward with new excitement and promise.

Official description from VALIANT:
Peter Stanchek and his team of teenage superhuman outlaws have decided that the best defense is a strong offense. Pursued from coast to coast by their would-be overlord in the Harbinger Foundation, the Renegades are about to launch a strategic strike on Harada’s secret empire – and they’ll start by revealing to the world just what kind of power they’ve been hiding all along. The ace up their sleeve?

Writer Joshua Dysart begins this arc with a brief look at the very near future and Harada making it publicly known of his intentions and his power. Foreshadowing yet also a very real reason Harada must be stopped. Dysart takes a new approach this time round by introducing a formidable new opponent and unlikely one. The Harbinger Foundations secrets are being leaked by a hacker named Ax (also known as @X) and once Harada learns that it’s not a mega corporate rival but a seemly average teenager it will send shock waves through the Harbinger Foundation. Harada also realizes Peter is still very much in the mix and still very much a threat.

HAR_020_COVERThis is were Dysart is so good and why Harbinger is a “must read.” He writes believable characters, especially teenagers, in unbelievable situations and a world mere mortals would not fare well. But somehow Dysart constructs it with ease and believability. This new addition to Peter’s side is an enormous boost to the task of stopping the ominous future vision the book leads off with.

Clayton Henry has a lot to work with this issue with plenty of action, which he has a strong grasp, but also the fine touch when dealing with scenes of Harada dealing with a new threat in a corporate setting.

I love the new addition of @X to this book and his sparring with Harada and police is exciting and interesting enough to make you almost forget Peter and his team don’t so up until the very end of the issue. Harbinger brings it each month with strong characters and a well crafted story. This is a great time to jump on board and see what you have been missing from another great Valiant title.



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