Grimm #10 Review


Detective Nick Burkhardt found himself in quite a bind after taking out a crazy Hodasheru in issue #9. With no other real recourse to save his life, Burkhardt finds himself bent to the will of his mysterious new “partner.”

Dynamite Entertainment lays out issue 10:

When Nick is injected with a lethal poison, he finds himself under the control of a mysterious new foe, and is forced into completing herculean tasks in order to get the antidote… or die trying. The Labors of Grimm begins!

Simply put, Nick Burkhardt finds himself in over his head, and even a little deeper than normal. He’s up against a calculating opponent, one along the lines of an old-school James Bond villain.

Marc Gaffen and Kyle McVey have set up quite a story here. It’s not a new story full of new twists, but they’ve certainly backed Burkhardt into a corner and, as of now, it seems as though he’s likely to lose. We can be sure that he won’t, he’s the hero after all, but we can also be sure that he’s going to lose something along the way. I really appreciate the direction Gaffen and McVey are taking this series.


I became a fan of Rod Rodolfo in issue #9 and he didn’t do anything in this issue to take me off the bandwagon. Rodolfo’s fight scenes are a delight and he really does a great job defining the characteristics of each of the Wesens.

Grimm #10 is the first step into a bigger story that’s putting the hero of the series into real trouble. I find myself being very eager to pick up issue #11 and see the next step in this journey for Burkhardt. He’s usually a step or two ahead and now he’s found himself up against a foe that has taken that away from him.


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