Goners #6 Review

Josiah and Zoe just can’t catch a break with everything in their lives. Their parents are dead, everyone wants to kill them, and a demon is claiming to be their mother. Oh did I mention, Josiah, has turned into a demon? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Image:

“WE ALL FALL DOWN,” Conlusion Josiah and Zoe are put to the test as the world stands on the brink of destruction.


Josiah and Zoe have had a couple of rough days because of their dead parents. It seems that people want to, either, kill them, use them, or help them. The first two are more common than the latter. At the last time, Josiah was turning into a demon but that gets shut down right away. He comes out of it and Zoe is very happy about that. We have this other demon thing that is saying that she is their mother but it can’t be true, especially because we learn that Latimers had to do some shady stuff causing this creature. The story continues with Josiah agreeing to sacrifice him but Zoe can’t let him do that so she is going to fight with her brother. It all ends with a book and some dies. That is up to you to find out who.

Jacob Semahn is a great writer but some things were not clearly explained so it is kind of confusing on what has happened all the way to this point, it’s just kind of odd. It is a lot of fun though. The characters are very interesting and the story stakes are fantastic. It works well.

Jorge Corona draws some interesting stuff and neat characters. This issue had some gothic looks to it and really has some fantastic tone and colors to it. You will really enjoy this issue.

Goners #6 is confusing comic but still a lot of fun.

  • + Awesomely drawn
  • + Fantastic reveals
  • + A wonderful family look
  • - A little confusing

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