G.I Joe: Snake Eyes Agent of Cobra #3 Review

G.I Joe: Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra #3 marks the middle point in the mini series and, well, so far it’s good. That said, this issue raises a lot of issues about the G.I Joe storyline itself. If there’s this kind of potential there, why was it simply dropped to begin with?

The official description from IDW:

As STORM SHADOW leads the Arashikage clan closer and closer to capturing the former COBRA COMMANDER’s son, SNAKE EYES must race ahead and bring the target to COBRA before it’s too late. But what will SNAKE EYES do once G.I. JOE gets involved?

G.I Joe_Snake Eyes_Agent of Cobra_3_cover

This issue follows a similar pattern from the last. We have an estbalished plot, but the title also picks up additional characters as it goes on. This is great for fans of the last G.I Joe series, as there stories have more or less dissapeared, but it also makes for a misleading title. Snake Eyes barely makes an appearance in this chapter, although that does make for a welcome break, as what we have instead is just as interesting.

That said, there’s no break from the action either. To give writer Mike Costa some credit, nothing here feels like a distraction. Costa manages to showcase different characters and aspects without straying to far from the core narrative, making small snippets here and there that simply add ot the charm. Of course, there’s also ninjas and various action sequences involved, so it still reads much like a G.I Joe title should.

Visually, this issue continues to be impressive. Paulo Villanelli offers some detailed, fluid pencils that work well in action squences and lend themselves well to any scene. What stands out the most, of course, is the variety of color. Between the typical broody internal scenes and the exotic jungles, Joana Lafuente has enough opportunities to play with color. The result? this issue looks great.

All in all, this is a strong continuation for the series. Like I said, if these plots were interesting enough, why where they pushed aside to begin with?

  • + Action-packed
  • + Good to catch-up with ignored characters
  • + Fantastic art
  • - Titular character is mostly absent

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