“FLASH” UPDATE : Network confirms it’s happening! And Superpowers coming to ARROW?

Remember when we told you that a Flash spinoff might be in the works, and that the character might appear on season 2 of Arrow? Well we’ve got confirmation and details from Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW and the Arrow writers Kreisberg and Berlanti with creative consultant Geoff Johns!

Well for one, the spinoff is definitely a go, and Dr.Barry Allen will appear in a few episodes of Arrow before spinning off. But why Flash? The producers feel that Flash could be a good counter to Ollie and his dark outlook. Kreisberg had this to say:

“Despite the fact that he has superpowers, there’s something more relatable about Barry among the Big Seven of the Justice League. He got his powers by accident; he’s not a god, he’s not an alien, they came to him by accident, his reactions to that feel very human and grounded. Oliver Queen is a very dark and tortured soul and Barry is not. He’s a great character who is going to affect all of our characters lives. It will be fun to see these two characters together because they have two different worlds… As much as Oliver now thinks he’s a hero, Barry isn’t always going to believe that.”

Flash could serve as a good foil and counter for Ollie.


The producers also confirmed that while The Flash will retain his powers even in this universe,  the Character’s origins may be given a Arrow-esque twist. Kresiberg said:

“When we first meet Barry Allen, he’s just a forensic scientist, an ordinary man. As we always do on Arrow, we keep things as grounded and realistic as possible. That’s the way the audience can be introduced to him and get to know him; and then life gets a little faster.  “

But does the introduction of The Flash indicate that superpowers are going to be a real deal  on Arrow ?  Geoff Johns had this to say:

“We look at it like when he [The Flash] first appeared, he ushered in a silver age for DC superheros. In the same way he’s going to usher in some new and pretty insane concepts to the Arrow world, but like Andrew [Kreisberg] said, it’s in a very Arrow way.”

Barry Allen will appear in the 8th, 9th and 20th episodes of season 2 of Arrow before spinning off into his own show with the 20th episode acting as a planted pilot of sorts. Casting is underway with the producers looking for someone “blonde”, and have cited the Justice League: Flash Point Paradox animated version of him as an inspiration.

Hmm. Who do you think will be best suited to play the scarlet speedster? Leave a comment below!