Feast Your Eyes On These Brand New DC Collectibles Statues!

DC Collectibles snuck a few new statues in the back of the solicitations for June. The sculpting company has a track record of making fans drool with delight, followed by a heart attack once they realize the prices on said statues.

The price tags on these beautiful figures can range from $79.95 all the way to $249.95. When Looking at these figures remember to keep your wallet far away!

Without further ado here are the brand new statues!

This Joker statue looks to be based on the designs of Batman artist Greg Capullo. The figure is a new addition to the Batman Black And White Statues, unfortunately this line is known to skew more toward the expensive side of statues!  DC Provides the following product detailes about the statue.

8.2” high x 4.75” wide x 3”deep.

$79.95 US • On Sale October 2013

The following statue is by far the biggest and most expensive of the new additions. It is based on the scene from Justice League #12 and features a design based on the artwork of Jim Lee himself!

Statue measures approximately 14.3″ tall.

$249.95 US • On Sale September 2013

The artwork of the amazing Jae Lee from Before Watchmen: Ozymandias is brought to life within this statue. The figure also follows one of the higher price ranges, but is incredible in it’s accuracy of portraying the comic.

Measures Approximately 9.25″ high

$149.95 US • On Sale September 2013

The severely overlooked Supergirl title from DC gets a new statue by sculptor Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. This is a breathtaking statue, although it is disappointingly not based of the design from artist Mahmud Asrar.

Measures Approximately 10″ Tall

$99.95 US • On Sale September 2013

Last but not least is this wonderful statue based off work of Frank Quitely. Quitely is a truly incredible talent in the industry and this statue is based off of his seminal work on All-Star Superman. DC has pricing information that will make you very sad below.

5” wide x 3.75” deep.

$79.95 US • On Sale October 2013

After seeing some of these incredible statues, it may be time for some to start working a second job!