While attending this year’s Amazing Arizona Comic Con I was able to artist extraordinaire Chris Scott. Don’t be surprised if you don’t know the name, but after you see his chrome works you will!

UTF: So Where’d you come up with the the chrome approach to this medium?

Chris Scott Chrome Art 1Chris Scott: Well, I do window tint as a job and so I grabbed all the scrap film laying on the ground and I just started cutting out simple silhouettes of girls and designs. It’s progressed more and more and gotten more and more intricate. Doing the chrome to chrome is just a residential film that I lay over the back once everything else is done. That’s the last layer that goes on and kinda laminates everything and makes the color. If I have color in there, it makes the whole thing pop. And when it sinks into all the negative space, it gives it an edge so it looks like it’s almost two-dimensional.

UTF: So let me ask, do you have any other characters that you want to experiment with in the future?

Chris Scott: I definitely want to do Predator. Predator is the ultimate monster and I really feel like it would be a huge challenge for me.

UTF: It definitely would. Where for the Wolverine piece come from?

Chris Scott Chrome Art 3Chris Scott: The original picture was done by Leinil Yu from Marvel. I believe it was done for a cover, from what I hear. It was also done for t-shirts by Marvel. And so I just really liked the whole image concept. I’ve always loved Wolverine and so I just thought it would look amazing with the style art that I do. So, I had to redraw it with all hard lines because I can’t shade or anything and just work my magic with it and I believe it came out awesome. I still give him credit, he is an awesome artist. He does incredible work and I really appreciate the image concept that he’s come up with.

UTF: So for all the frantic fanboys and fangirls who’re going to see your work and just be killing themselves trying to save for it, what other cons will you be attending this year?

Chris Scott Chrome Art 2Chris Scott: I will be attending the next one. Marty, down the way, he does a sci-fi booth. He really loves my work and he wants me to do more sci-fi stuff because my work is so versatile. But, he’s invited me to join him with his booth and so I’m really going to try to do that so I can be at the next big Comic-con. This is my first show. I’ve gotten a lot of really good rapport so that’s why I want to continue with it. I love doing my art, it’s my passion and so as long as people keep loving it, even if I don’t sell it, I’ll keep doing it.

I want to take the time to thank Mr. Chris Scott for chatting with me. It was a pleasure, and someday I’m going to buy one your art pieces!

So what did you think of the interview my fellow fanboys and fangirls?

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