Dynamite’s new ongoing series, Damsels

Dynamite Entertainment sent out some details about their brand new ongoing series, Damsels.

The press release from Dynamite:

Get ready to see classic fairy tale heroines take action in Damsels #1, hitting stores this upcoming September. Written by the acclaimed writing team of Leah Moore and John Reppion, with beautiful art by Aneke, and dynamic covers by J. Scott Campbell and Sean Chen!

In Damsels #1, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and Snow White come together with other damsels in a new adventure filled with danger and intrigue. In Damsels, the alluring princesses of classic fairy tales take up arms to save their kingdoms from war. Rediscover the darkness at the heart of fairy tales and why they’ll be no happily ever after. Damsels opens with Rapa wishing she had not got out of bed that morning, if she had a bed to get out of that is. The day began badly and has gone rapidly and literally downhill ever since. A series of peculiar and baffling encounters throw obstacle after obstacle into her path, intent it seems on preventing her progress. The thing is, until today she had no idea she was trying to make any progress, toward anything! A collection of hazy memories and bewildering tattoos are all she has to help her figure it all out, and to be honest, she’d just as soon not bother. Around her, we see the mountain city of Caumont thrown into overdrive by the arrival of Queen Talia and King Aurore of Perrault. The streets are thronged with cheering people, does it matter they aren’t exactly sure why they are cheering, or for whom?

You can checkout Damsels at your local or digital comic shop this September but until them some of the people behind it had some thoughts to share.

Series writers Leah Moore and John Reppion had this to say:

We are thoroughly enchanted to be working on such a spellbinding series. It’s fantastic fun for us as writers to be able to play with characters and concepts that are familiar, but then put our own Moore & Reppion style spin on things. Yes, there are Damsels and yes, there will be plenty of distress, but nothing is how it seems, and there is brutal action and weird surprises at every turn. We have had so much fun writing this, and we are so pleased with the art team Dynamite have set us up with. We can’t wait to see it in print.

Dynamite Publisher Nick Barrucci had this to add:

We’ve been talking about Damsels for a long time internally, and trying to figure out who the best writers would be. Leah and John were at the top of the list, but they had taken a break from comics. Debating who to approach, we followed up with Leah and John to see if they would script once time freed up. They said yes. It was the best decision for the comic. Get ready for one hell of a ride. Not every fairy tale has a happy ending

It sounds like a fun premise right?  But what do you guys think?  Do comic fans really need another series starring fairy tale characters?  Does this sound like a series you’d consider checking out?  Let us know what your opinions are in the comments below.

SOURCE: Dynamite