DESCENDER #2 (Late-ish) Review

This is part two of the comic that grasped my attention from the very beginning. The writers and the authors of Descenders have done it once again, as they continue to amaze.


This comic goes on to explain the adventures that TIM-21 and Bandit have, along with the dangers that soon follows. Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen do it again in making even more story better than the last. They do such an incredible job with the story that you have such a hard time putting it down. You go on adventures with TIM-21 as he embarks on a quest to find out what’s going on, while at the same time he tries to escape from the ones who are after him.

They make the reader sympathize with the characters so much that you sort of feel sorry for the characters themselves. You see them in their world, alone and all you want to do it go in with them, and make them feel better. Jeff and Dustin do such a great job of making me worry about the characters such as TIM-21 and his robot dog Bandit.

images-4The images that were drawn along with the story telling was done well; it made me feel like it was giving off a very cinematic experience, as it made me forget that I was reading a comic book in the first place.

Jeff and Dustin did such a remarkable job in once again having the readers connect with the characters that you were rooting for them every time. This story was such a page turner that I couldn’t put it down. I actually found myself finished before I even realized it.

When Entertainment Weekly calls it ‘their new sci-fi obsession,’ I would say I have to agree. I highly recommend!


  • +Continued to grasp readers
  • +Make you care about the characters
  • - Stories were too short.

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