Deadworld: Restoration #5 Review

The epic conclusion, to the mother of zombie classics, will it end well or disastrously?

The conclusion to the latest edition to the zombie classic! For Bowker, things go horribly wrong as he must deal with Donna’s deal with Moloch. He may survive, but at what cost? Dan must decide between rescuing the woman he loves in Donna or saving Deake, the lunatic who may be able to turn the tide against the zombies. And a new hope appears…or does it?

I have to say that this has a very satisfying end to a great story. I mean, I don’t think that it could have ended better. Although, I do think that this won’t be the end of this story. Okay, but back to the review. Moloch and STK635556Donna are real dicks and cause all sorts of problems for Bowker and it doesn’t end well for him. I have to say that when you see what happens to him you will be very surprised but what is worth humanity? Also, the decision that Dan makes is such a good move that I have to applaud the writer because I didn’t see it coming and there are some great ideas to be seen behind it. The ending is what is best. It is perfect and awesome. I really enjoyed, read it to find out.

The writing for this whole series has been an awesome ride and the ending is fantastic. I mean that there is some great stuff in this issue that is worth applauding. The way that it flows, and the development of the characters is just fantastic. You will love it just as much I did.

The art is, also, just flawless. The way that it conveys the emotions and the overall themes of the story is just fantastic. I mean it is just fantastic. I love it.

Deadworld: Restoration is a great and fresh take on zombies that surprises and excites in all ways possible.

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